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Digital Marketing Vancouver: How I Ranked First on Google

Edson How did you rank first on Google for “Digital Marketing in Vancouver”?

Well, you many not believe but I started writing this post on my iPhone on August 13th, 2018 using WordPress app . When I started it I had no plan on what to write but I was sure that I wanted to rank first on Google for “Digital Marketing in Vancouver“.

Edit: it’s October, 19th (around 7:10 am) and I just figured out that the goal of this blog post is, besides ranking first on Google, to work as a case study and a step by step guide on how you can do this for any keyword you want (specially those related to your business).

And so it happened: it took me X years (I’m using X because I still haven’t ranked well enough) to get the first organic position on Google for Digital Marketing in Vancouver.

First things first

First thing I did was to check on Ubersuggest some data:

Digital Marketing Vancouver results on Ubersuggest
Digital Marketing Vancouver results on Ubersuggest

I also could have used Keyword.io or Google Ads Keyword Planner but at this momment Ubersuggest brings me all the info I need without having use copy and paste with sheets:

How many people look for Digital Marketing Vancouver on Google?

Currently the search volume for Digital Marketing Vancouver is of 480. That means nearly four hundred people search for this term monthly which is a very low number comparing to the search volume of “digital marketing” in Canada which is of 6600.
Digital Marketing Vancouver Search Volume for the Last 12 months
Digital Marketing Vancouver Search Volume for the Last 12 Months

Main searches related to Digital Marketing Vancouver

These are the top 27 related searches to Digital Marketing Vancouver I could find on Google:

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    digital marketing specialist salary vancouver
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  • digital marketing manager vancouver
  • digital marketing vancouver wa

As you can see most of them are related to agenciescourses and jobs.

It’s important to levarege these terms so you can understand better what people are looking for regarding the subject or keyword you are interested in. One important thing I have to tell you is that:

Everything people search for on Google is a “pain”, not a pain in the *ss, but rather a doubt or a problem that needs to be solved and your job is to help these people.

How do we solve problems?

It’s easy: you just have to make people find you or your clients when they need something. For example, when someone googles  digital marketing diploma vancouver, wouldn’t it awesome if the first result that this person find on Google was from a website that has courses that teach digital marketing? Actually, this is what this person want it be. They want to find the answer in a quick way, after all